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And Never Standing In Front Of A Camera.

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This Is The Dream Solution
Never Create Another Video Again
Have Experts Sell Your Affiliate Products For You

Fact: Webinars Sell and Webinars Sell Big!

So why should you be frozen out?

Why should webinars only be the domain of the gurus and big boys?

You know the situation already.

You need your own high value product to use webinars. And the cost and skills needed to profit from this highly lucrative sales method put it way out of reach of the majority internet marketers.

Have You Ever Thought That You Could Massively Boost Your Sales If Only You Could Have The Same Advantages As Those Making Huge Bank With Webinars?

Of course you have.

You are probably trying to build a list right? Or maybe even that is too much work for you?

It takes time, it takes money, it takes training. You need new tools, new ideas, new products on a continuous basis.

It's a real roller-coaster that you can't get off but you can't seem to make book with either.

Webinars look like the perfect solution but the main applications require huge monthly payments.

In Fact They Are Some Of
The Most Expensive Tools In The Whole Industry!

There's a good reason why they cost an arm and a leg...

...They simply work and make a lot of money for their users.

And It's No Simple Task To Put A Webinar Together Either.

Technically challenging, hard to produce high quality content, problems presenting to camera. Just too may moving parts - any one of which will stop most marketers in their tracks.

I know, I've been in that exact position.

A few years back I ran a highly successful coaching course and wanted to promote it with webinars. I had all the challenges I mentioned above and more. It just wasn't feasible.

However I did some deep digging and talked it through with a few contacts that were making big bucks with webinars at that time and came up with master plan of my own. I noticed that there were a few software products on the market that let you run “automated webinars”. Basically Webinar replays.

You still had to create the webinar originally but it meant I could record the webinar in my own time, edit the video to get it perfect and play it to my prospective customers.

But I Was Rapidly Disappointed.

I avoided the big players like GoToWebinar. They were just so hugely expensive. I tried every other vendor that promised a great evergreen webinar program at a sensible price and threw every one of them in the bin.

They just did not work. Some simply failed to work correctly, others didn't give you enough functionality, most still required bucket loads of work before even getting started.

And some committed the biggest sin of all (IMHO). They pretended that their automated webinars were actually live. With all sorts of tricks to fool the attendees.

How Can You Start A Business Relationship By Lying To Your Customers?

It just doesn't make any sense.

So my only recourse was to build a system for myself. And I did exactly that.

It took me months of testing and trialling everything but eventually it all came together.

I Had Discovered Exactly What Was Needed To Make This Work.
Primarily It Had To Be:

  • Easy for the attendee/potential customer to get at.
  • Fully flexible as to the time they wanted to attend.
  • Have great value and engaging content.
  • Have a great offer at the end of the webinar.
  • Have some scarcity built in to improve conversions.
  • Be able to collect email address.
  • Be able to follow up after the webinar with emails.

This worked great for me and I promoted my coaching course for a long time and very successfully with automated webinars.

Of course at this point I was still creating the webinar videos and I was lucky enough to have enough programming skills to automate the whole process.

Role Forward A Couple Of Years And I See That All The Mainstream Webinar Companies Are Now Offering Evergreen Or Automated Webinar Functionality With Their Systems.

And a lot of big marketers are using automated webinars. Hardly surprising as they are so successful.

But Again The Age Old Problem.

Still only the elite are able to use these systems because everyone else is held back by price, inability to create content or perform in front of a camera.

It was at this point that I realized that some way of making automated webinars freely available to everyone was exactly what was needed.

My personal system wasn't suitable as it had too many “manual” processes. So I sat down to create a system that would allow literally anyone to create high quality, effective and efficient automated webinars that could sell anything (including affiliate products).

It Needed To Be Drop Dead Simple To Use
And Super Fast To Create The Webinars.

It was a tall order but one I was up to. So after months of research, learning, designing, sitting in front of the computer and splashing out thousands of dollars in cash.

I Finally Came Up With A Solution To Automated-Webinars.

One big discovery was the availability of pre-recorded webinars. Actual webinars and other training videos that you can use as you own completely free and completely legitimately.

And in almost any niche.

Finally Anyone Can Create Their Own Custom Automated Webinars
And You Never Need To:

  • Spend a single second in front of a camera.
  • Have to buy expensive video software
  • Make any presentations – EVER!
  • Create a single video – NOT ONE!
  • Pay a ridiculously high monthly fee – NEVER!
  • Spend weeks understanding the technicalities of the system
  • Need to create your own products

In fact all you need to do is select your affiliate product, your webinar video and a free attendance bonus (all from inside Easy Pro Webinars). Fill in a few fields in the form and click a button. It really is that simple. And you can do that as many times as you want!

Absolutely no limits. That Means Unlimited Webinars. Unlimited Income Steams.

In fact it is so simple I have recorded a live video of me creating an automated webinar in just ONE MINUTE.

Check out the video below. You will be amazed!

If You Have Any Success At All Online.
Or Even No Success At All, Think About This.

How easy it would be to create an email list if you were giving away access to free webinars. Webinars are one of the best training grounds around as they are usually packed with super high quality information.

In fact many webinars have more actionable content than some paid training courses.

Think how easy it would be to sell products using webinars. Webinars are so engaging that they really pre-sell any product you want to promote on the end.

It's Like A Personal Salesman Doing The Work For You.

Building an email list in any niche. Making affiliate product sales. Actually creating a real, sustainable business that you can scale to be as big as you like.

Easy Pro Webinars Works In Almost Any Niche

With 46,000 affiliate products to choose from directly inside the application you will never be short of products to promote. Of course you can also add any affiliate product from any network you like.

With 100,000s of webinars and videos you can make your offer truly unique.

You can select from over 100 free attendance bonuses for your viewers or add your own. The choice is yours.

A Peek Inside Easy Pro Webinars

Just click to select from any the products Easy Pro Webinars finds for you in your chosen niche. The example below shows a small selection in the diet niche.

Choose a webinar or video from the niche options inside Easy Pro Webinars.

You will find suitable webinar videos for every niche. This example shows the Bass Fishing niche. I told you there were videos for almost every niche!

Select a free bonus for the attendees. There are already over one hundred to choose from inside.

Complete the form and click the "Create Webinar" button to generate your custom automated webinar.

The Webinar Sales Funnel:

Every stage of the webinar process is designed for the highest conversions. Every step is psychologically designed to move the subscriber to the next step and grow the anticipation, engagement , interest and urgency to that final goal - your product sale!


A friendly and encouraging REGISTRATION PAGE and pseudo two-step registration drives high conversions even for cold traffic. This is one of the best list building systems around. Making for a very low customer acquisition cost.


Subscribers are taken to the thank you page and encouraged to view the webinar immediately. The page include a “local time notice” which helps to drive the subscriber to VIEW NOW.


Subscribers are then taken to a WEBINAR ACCESS page and an active timer counts them into the webinar. This increases anticipation.


Webinar attendees are encouraged to stay on the webinar with the promise of a special offer and free attendee bonus. A message tells the attendees to wait for the pop-up links.


A pop-up will appear at your chosen time to make your special paid offer. A top banner countdown timer adds urgency to encourage a quick purchase and tip over the fence sitters. The special offer (product) link will disappear when the counter hits zero.

This gives you a great opportunity to “re-open” the offer in your email follow up series.

When the webinar finishes Easy Pro Webinars does not stop promoting. A large call to action message is posted on the screen and an animated background is used as a "disrupter” to grab the viewer attention.

So What Makes Easy Pro Webinars Better Than The Competition.

Well, pretty much everything really. In fact I'd venture to say that there is no real competition for Easy Pro Webinars. Sure there are many software products and services that allow you to run automated webinars but you still need to create the webinars, create the products and probably pay an extortionate monthly fee.

Easy Pro Webinars is the only software that allows you to create automated webinars in a few minutes and without needing your own products, videos or anything else.

As for list building that is also extremely simple and fully automated. Easy Pro Webinars works with almost any autoresponder so no need to spend out on a new autoresponder. Just use the one you already have. If you don't have one then you are not restricted to any specific one. The choice is yours.

We all know time is tight right! So speed is of the essence. That is one of Easy Pro Webinars big advantages. It takes literally a few minutes to create a new automated-webinar

You really can be up and running, promoting and selling TODAY.

Auto webinars saves you time and money by finding the products and the webinar videos for you.

You can use any affiliate product (or your own) so you will never be short of products to promote. In fact Easy Pro Webinars will find the best affiliate products for you.

Easy Pro Webinars is NOT stuffed with “features” you will have to pay for, never use but still need to waste time learning.

You will never need to make videos yourself or appear on camera so this is user friendly and eminently practical for even the most extremely recluse of internet marketers.

Everything is “click simple”. Just click to select the videos, click to select the affiliate products and click to select the attendance bonuses. Copy the webinar description and complete the simple form. It's as easy as that!

The service is web based so you can access using any internet browser. So it is both PC and Mac compatible.

In fact as long as you have internet access you can use Easy Pro Webinars from anywhere.

Still dreaming of running your online business from the side of the pool? Well Easy Pro Webinars puts you one step closer!

You won't need any high monthly fees to keep using the service and the actual webinars will be yours.

You download them and have full control over them. Not located on someone else's server where you could suddenly lose the service and all your hard work and your income in one go.

To ensure you get a complete package with Easy Pro Webinars we throw in extensive training on how to generate both free and paid traffic.

Full training on the top traffic methods and some lesser known but easy, free or low cost methods to get you started right out of the gate. No matter your current skills or budget we have something for you.

Because Automated Webinars Are Simply “free Training” There Are No Restrictions To How You Promote Them Or Send Traffic To Them. They're Completely “Social Network” Friendly. So Very Easy To Promote Using Both Free And Paid Methods.


The Ultimate In Simplicity For Creating Evergreen Automated Webinars

Full Traffic Training Tutorials

Extensive Video Training Courses to suit all budgets and expertise. We know you will want to maximise the benefits of Easy Pro Funnels so we have included video training covering a number of the main traffic sources. Like Facebook, Google and YouTube. Of course we have included an extensive SEO course and some less know but easy to implement, traffic sources (free and low cost).

Launch Special Offer - Full Commercial Licence

For this launch period we are also including a full commercial licence so you can create and SELL your auto webinars.

Your Fast Action Bonuses

Easy Pro Webinars is completely stand alone and works brilliantly. But we want to make sure you get the max for your money and the most benefit from being one of the first to get your hands on Easy Pro Webinars so we have included some fast action bonuses for those that purchase today.

We've done the research for you to find the highest paying offers in three of the most popular niches.

Bonus 1 - Internet Marketing

Saving you hours and hours of research and figuring out what are the best paying Affiliate Internet Marketing products available.

These top products are currently paying the highest commissions per sale to affiliates.

Many with recurring monthly payments which means up to $1500.00 per sale.

Bonus 2 - Health & Fitness

Want to work outside the Internet Marketing niche. No problem. Here is a list of the highest paying Affiliate Health & Fitness products.

One of the biggest niches on the internet with many sub niches this hugely profitable niche to be in.

Many have recurring commissions giving you regular monthly payments.

Bonus 3 - Dating & Relationships

Another huge niche. A rabid audience and lots of affiliate products for you to offer your potential customers.

We have put together a list of the top paying affiliate products in the Dating & Relationship niche.

All the bonuses include full historical data of the products and have been chosen for their high “average commissions per sale”.

What Exactly Are You Getting
With Easy Pro Webinars

1. Full access to Easy Pro Webinars web based application.

  • No limit to the amount of webinars you can create. This means mutiple income streams.
  • Affiliate Products are automatically suggested for you saving you time and work.
  • Webinar videos are automatically suggested for you. You never need to create any videos.
  • Choose from over 100 free “attendance bonuses”. Saving you hundreds of $$$.
  • Automatic creation of registration forms to capture emails and build a list.
  • Unique “Scarcity” function built in to improve sales & conversions.

Value $324 (@$27 a month for one year)

2. Full Commercial Licence

Not only can you generate your own leads, emails and affiliate sales with Easy Pro Webinars you can create and sell the actual automated webinar funnels themselves.

This is a huge value to you. It's an entirely new revenue stream and a complete business model in it's own right.

Value $197

3. Video Traffic Training Guides.

A set of video guides to help you generate hoards of traffic to your automated webinars. Covering free and paid traffic sources.

Value $97

4. Bonus 1 - Internet Marketing top paying products.

A full list of the highest paying commissions per sale products with full historical performance data. Saving you time and money and getting you earning fast.

Value $17

5. Bonus 2 - Health & Fitness top paying products.

A full list of the highest paying commissions per sale products with full historical performance data. Saving you time and money and getting you earning fast.

Value $17

6. Bonus 3 - Dating & Relationships top paying products.

A full list of the highest paying commissions per sale products with full historical performance data. Saving you time and money and getting you earning fast.

Value $17

That's a TOTAL VALUE of


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